Reading the results from Dasa Bhukti is a major factor to decide the course of life for a particular period. some give predictions for a whole life period and some give only for the current Bhukti and a general sketch for rest of the periods. This depends upon the person’s preference and depending upon the same, the Astrologer would undertake the job as desired.

Immediate transfer in job or marriage of son or daughter. Their marriageable age, or building of a house or improvement or relief from sickness etc, can be known by Antara. In Venus Dasa Venus Antara is for a longer duration than in Sun Dasa.

When the Dasa lord is the lord of 5th or 9th Bhava, favourable results are seen. When Saturn or Jupiter Dasa are 4 or 6 respectively, they are unfavourable. The constellation position of the lord of Dasa is also to be studied. Each Dasa has nine sub-divisions or Bhuktis. There seems to be no fixed formula for arriving at conclusions. The results noted in this chapter are furnished in general. Good and bad results are furnished.

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SUN Mahadasa – 6 years

1) Sun+Sun:(0-3-18 days):
This is not so much a favourable period. Royal displeasure, quarrel in family, ill health, travel, mental uneasiness.

2) Sun+Moon:(0-6-0 months):
This is a better period. Promotion in job, expansion of business, new ventures, respect among relations, and if moon is badly placed, ill health and danger from water.

3) Sun+Mars:(0-4-6days):
Mental tension, ill health, litigation, misunderstanding with relations, loss, worry. When in favorable positions with beneficial aspect, purchase of property, promotions or appointment.

4) Sun+Rahu:(0-10-24 days):
When Rahu is in 6,8,12 place or combined with evil planet there will be mental worry, loss, failure in undertakings, separation in family, children affected, food poison etc. When in 10 or 11 Royal favour, extra income, freedom from disease.

5) Sun+Jupiter:(0-9-18 days):
When jupiter is placed in his own house or Moola Trikona or Trikona or exalted: Marriage, benefits from friends and relatives, increase of wealth, royal favour, promotion in job, contact with saintly persons, pilgrimage to holy places, victory in court cases. When Jupiter is in bad place, in 4 or 7 Neechasthana, the results will be negative and taxing.

6) Sun+Saturn:(0-11-12 days):
Sickness to wife children, loss of money, royal displeasure, transfers in job as punishment, misery, debt.

7) Sun+Mercury:(0-10-6 days):
Purchase of ornaments and clothes, favourable trend in education, expansion of business, marriage, pilgrimage. When mercury is in bad position 3,6,8,12 or lord of 4 and7, mental depression, court troubles, ill health, quarrel , unnecessary travels.

8) Sun+Ketu:(0-4-6 days):
This is a period when one must be careful-mental worry, change of residence, family troubles, disease, poison due to insect bitings, headache, misunderstanding among friends. Ketu in 11 with the aspect of jupiter (as lord of 5 or 9) or Venus, advancement in education, name and fame.

9) Sun+Venus:(1-0-0year):
When Venus is in Trikona or 2nd benefits from ladies or marriage, Royal favour, promotions, contact with saintly persons, mind towards intense prayers, travel to holy places, purchase of silver or pearls.

Sun is pirtukaraka and hence when in favourable places the period will be moderately good. When in unfavourable, happy results may not come.

MOON Mahadasa – 10 Years

1) Moon+Moon:( 0-10-0 months):
This is a favourable period. Marriage or birth of a child, seeing saints or holy persons, good food, success in undertaking, gain of lost property, change in the living place, good health.

2) Moon+Mars:(0-7-0months):
Normally this is not a favourable periods, misunderstanding in the family, loss of wealth, extra expense, ill health due to fire or instruments, blood troubles.

3) Moon+Rahu:(1-6-0months):
A very taxing period when Rahu is combined with lord of 8th, loss of wealth, displeasure with boss,ill health to father or family members, mental agony. when Rahu is aspected by benefic, the results are positive in purchasing new house, new vehicle, new venture, political victory.

4) Moon+Jupiter:(1-4-0 months):
Generally a favourable period. Promotion in job, meeting holy persons or pilgrimage, child birth, purchase of gold ornaments, marriage etc. When Jupiter is in 6,8,12the results will not be so favourable, loss of prestige or position, mental tension.

5) Moon+Saturn:(1-7-0months):
Loss in wealth, mental anxiety, ill health due to bile and misunderstanding with relatives and officer. When saturn is in 3,6,11 from Moon, more favourable results can be seen. Either marriage or child birth, new venture in the case of businessmen, new dealings in iron or oil business and gain. Ill health with fatigue will also be the result.

6) Moon+Mercury:(1-5-0months):
Wealth through maternal side, favourable news in dispute, good results in mental activity, Royal favour, happiness through females. If Mercury is ill placed, quite contrary result with fear, ill health and mental anxiety.

7) Moon+Ketu:(0-7-0 months):
This is an unfavourable period, ill health in family circle, eye troubles, mental worry, displeasure with higher authorities or loss in business. Pilgrimage and blessings of saints likely when Ketu is well placed.

8) Moon+Venus:(1-8-0months):
Birth of child or marriage, royal favour, good clothings, sudden wealth, help from in-law’s gain in agriculture. When Venus is badly placed bad name, evil company, mental worry etc.

9) Moon+Sun:(0-6-0months):
This is a mixed period. Happiness and general prosperity, ill health to parents, general debility, new position or appointment in case of unemployed.

When bright Moon is well placed-gain and happiness, purchase of property etc. And when bad Moon, worry form all sides and loss.

MARS Mahadasa – 7 Years

1) Mars+Mars(0-4-27days):
Misunderstandings between brothers and sisters, superiors in office, quarrel, loss, ill-health due to excess heat in the body as boils etc.

When Mars is exalted or in own house or in favourable position gain through landed properties or acquisition of house, favourable results in family, litigation, purchase of ornaments and the like.

2) Mars+Rahu(1-0-18days):
Royal displeasure, mind going towards evil doings, changing the place of living, punishments, loss of cattle, wife, long journey, bad name, fall and injury.

3) Mars+Jupiter(0-11-6days):
Favourable Jupiter indicates pilgrimage, birth of child, promotion, devotion to god. Unfavourable Jupiter indicates loss of brothers, loss of money, failure in undertakings, mental worry.

4) Mars+Saturn(1-1-9days):
Loss of wealth, danger in operation, quarrels, fight, court troubles, displeasure in office and loss of position and mental worry and hard times.

5) Mars+Mercury(0-11-27days):
Mind diverted towards holy activities, favourable results in education or travel for educational pursuits, marriage, gain in business, respect in society etc. When ill placed, the period will be of mental illness, robbery, money through illegal means, bad name.

6) Mars+Ketu(0-4-27days):
The period is not a pleasant one. Suffering on account of misunderstandings with brothers or relation or in family, disease due to infection or fire.

7) Mars+Venus(1-2-0months):
This is a better period when compared to the previous period. Happiness in family, success in matrimonial alliances, religious travels, purchase of propertry through wife. Victory over enemies. When Venus is badly placed, the entire period of Bhukti will give anxiety and mental depression.

8) Mars+Sun(0-4-6days):
Contact with holy persons or saints, mind occupied with religious thought, long travel, health of the father improving. When Sun is badly placed, diseases due to excess heat and mixed events.

9) Mars+Moon(0-7-0 months):
This is a better period. profit, good health to children, purchase of ornaments, repairs in the living place.

When Mars is the lord of 5 or 9 or 10 or when placed in such position with good benefic aspect the Dasa will give good understanding between brothers and professional betterment and gain.

RAHU Mahadasa – 18 Years

1) Rahu+Rahu:(2-8-12 days):
Mental anxiety, ill health to wife or other members transfer in the place of working, bad name, poisonous bites, court troubles, leaving home and wandering.

2) Rahu+Jupiter:(2-4-24 days):
Promotion in job, child birth or marriage, favourable atmosphere in office, good health, pilgrimage to holy place. Mantra initiation from saints etc. Litigation or court troubles are also likely.

3) Rahu+Saturn:(2-10-6 days):
Generally a very unfavourable period, extreme difference of opinion between husband and wife if the 7th bhava is also bad and even divorce or separation, diseases due to pains in joints or excess wind, leaving for remote place.

4) Rahu+Mercury:(2-6-18 days):
The previous cloudy period slowly vanishes to enjoy a bright sunshine in life. In the first half of this period marriage, promotion in the job or expansion of business, new circle of friends etc. In the second part birth of child, obtaining of vehicle, enjoyments in life, evil ways in enjoyments and illegal methods of earning.

5)Rahu+Ketu:(1-0-18 days):
This is again a period of strain with disease, ill health due to some posion, wife will become enemy, displeasure with superiors in office, loss of wealth, blame.

6) Rahu+Vneus:(3-0-0 years):
This will be better period. purchase of vehicles, wife is source of happiness, marriage or child birth, benefits like promotion, or other favours in the office, gain in agricultural holdings and general happiness. Some trouble from enemis and ill health are also likely.

7)Rahu+Sun:(0-10-24 days):
Transfer in job or change in place of working, disease due to excess heart, changing the place of living, educational achievements and charity, mental worry and uneasiness will also prevail.

8) Rahu+Moon:(1-6-0 months):
Condition of health changing, some kind of loss through wife, enjoyments in life, travels, foreign travel also likely, financial improvements, gain in lands, death of relatives.

9)Rahu+Mars:(1-0-18 days):
This is a period of test indication, displeasure with officers, failure in court cases, loss through brothers or cousins, bad habits, severe mental agony and decrease of mental power.

If Rahu is in 3-6-10 financial improvements are obtained. The aspect of Rahu by a benefic or his combination in a particular bhava decide the nature of result . It is not correct to say that the entire period of 18 years will give trials in life or the man will roll in wealth. When Rahu is in Aries, Taurus, virgo, Sagittarious, Capricorn gives favourable results. In Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces gives rather unfavourable results especially in bad bhavas or with evil combination. Sometimes loss of position, imprisonment, abortion, severe loss etc may be the outcome.

Jupiter Mahadasa – 16 years

1) Jupiter+ Jupiter:(2-1-18 days):
Favourable news in office and promotion, good health, success in activities, pilgrimage, loss of wealth, failures unattachment in family and children.

2) Jupiter+Saturn:(2-6-12 days):
Misunderstanding in family and relations, failure in business, debts, litigation, mental uneasiness, funeral ceremonies for others, evil ways and habits, pain in foot or joints.

3) Jupiter+Mercury:(2-3-6days):
Improvement in finance, auspicious ceremonies at home, expansion of business, favour from superiors, mental activities in artistic lines, birth of good child.

4) Jupiter+Ketu:(0-11-6 days):
Sacrificing for the sake of others, changing the living place, separation from relations, pilgrimage to holy places, loss in wealth, illness due to poison.

5) Jupiter+Venus:(2-8-0 months):
Employment, success or promotion in job or business, happiness at home, improvement in children, purchase of jewels, especially diamond, auspicious ceremonies at home, bad name and difficulties from ladies.

6) Jupiter+Sun:(0-9-18 days):
Increase in financial standard, favour from superiors improvement in health, more pious and holy activities.

7) Jupiter+Moon:(1-4-0 months):
Children–a source of happiness, marriage or birth of child, purchase or acquisition of property, home comforts, name and fame, benefit in mental activity like writing.

8) Jupiter+Mars:(0-11-6 days):
Pilgrimage to holy temples, new ventures and wealth and also loss due to robbery, difficulties in job and displeasure with boss.

9) Jupiter+Rahu:(2-4-24 days):
Loss and financial strain, some income from people of low standerd, disease, anxiety to wives, mental tension.

Saturn Mahadasa – 19 Years

1) Saturn+ Saturn(3-0-3 days):
Ill health, mental tension, worry from sons, wife and relations. Even servant will not work properly. Some loss is also indicated.

2) Saturn+ mercury(2-8-9 days):
Expansion of education and knowledge, financial improvement, marriage or birth of child, favourable news in place of work and holy ceremonies at home.

3) Saturn+ Ketu(1-1-9 days):
Ill health due to swelling in joints , especially knee joints, loss of money, quarrel with son, fear of poison, trouble through ladies.

4) Saturn+Venus(3-2-0 months):
This is a bright period (when Saturn is a yogakaraka and when Venus is well placed, this is an excellent period), promotion in job or favourable news at the place of work, happiness in family, success in undertakings, coming of wife’s property and victory in disputes.

5) Saturn+Sun(0-11-12 days):
Disease due to poison of blood, theft, affliction in eyes, wife and children badly affected and mental suffering.

6) Saturn+ Moon(1-7-0 months):
Loss of property and money, debts, changing of house due to dispute, enemity among relations, death of some important family member.

7) Saturn+Mars(1-1-9 days):
Bad name, wandering or frequent transfers in job, serious illness, loss by theft etc.

8) Saturn+Rahu(2-10-6 days):
Increase of troubles, disease in limb, insect bites, misery in every walk.

9) Saturn+Jupiter(2-6-12 days):
Comparatively this is a better period, purchase of ornaments, physical comforts, success in expected matters, new friends and new position.

Mercury Mahadasa – 17 Years

1) Mercury+Mercury(2-4-27 days):
Purchase of home or shifting to more comfortable place, money and help from relatives, learning of astrology or similar subjects, Improvement in conditions of life.

2) Mercury+Ketu(0-11-27 days):
Disease due to excess of bile in the body, unnecessary travels, loss of wealth, mental agony, improvement in education, success in artistic profession can be expected.

3) Mercuary+Venus(2-10-0 months):
Religious ceremonies at home, purchase of jewels, marriage or birth of child, family happiness, prosperity to relatives, purchase of landed properties are also likely. illegal connections, drinking habit.

4) Mercury+Sun:(0-10-6days):
Royal honour, appointment, Vehicles, political career etc. Disease in stomach, fire accidents, sickness to wife, acquisition of some wealth.

5) Mercury+Moon:(1-5-0 months):
Health troubles, disputes through ladies, gain through women, jewels, general ill will of relations.

6) Mercury+Mars:(0-11-27 days):
Some benefits from superiors, disease due to insect bite, neighbours becoming enemies, visiting house of ill fame, punisshments by superiors,mental anxiety.

7) Mercury+Rahu:(2-6-18 days):
Evil and bad connections with ladies, change in position, failure in cases, money from friends, disease due to indigestion and the like, acquisition of divine knowledge.

8) Mercury+Jupiter:(2-3-6 days):
Some benefits from superiors, birth of son, closeness of relations, wife becoming more attached, ill feeling with relations, quarrel, ill health, loss of wealth, misunderstanding with father or son and the like.

9) Mercury+Saturn:(2-8-9 days):
Diseases, debts, scandal, money from illegal sources, failure in land holdings or failure in iron or oil business. Good actions like building temples or charities or pilgrimage.

KETU Mahadasa – 7 Years

1) Ketu+Ketu:(0-4-27 days):
Mental worry due to son or wife, loss of money, poison fear, a general setback and check in life.

2) Ketu+Venus:(1-2-0 months):
Success in any undertaking, birth of child, ill health to children, fever or dysentery.

3) Ketu+Sun:(0-4-6 days):
Check in business, expansion of knowledge, uneasiness, travel, health of wife giving anxiety and worry.

4) Ketu+Moon:(0-7-0 months):
Financial improvements, loss, mental uneasiness, disease through water or cold, troubles from children.

5) Ketu+Mars:(0-4-27 days):
A general anxiety about children, quarrels in family, increase of enemies, punishments, death, operation in the body.

6) Ketu+Rahu:(1-0-18 days):
Royal punishments, blood poison, loss of wealth or property, loss in business, visiting prostitute for pleasure.

7) Ketu+Jupiter:(0-11-6 days):
Contact with persons of high status, happiness through wife, marriage, increase in holdings, profits in business.

8) Ketu+Saturn:(1-1-9 days):
Prison like conditions, loss of money in many ways, strained feelings with relations, exile to far off places, change of house.

9) Ketu+Mercury:(0-11-27 days):
Money from mental pursuits, children giving worry and anxiety, failure of ideas or plans, fear from relations etc.

When Ketu is well placed or aspected by Jupiter or Venus holding Trikona position—gives piligrimage to holy place, dip in sacred rivers, finishing of prarthana in family etc. Better results are gained when Ketu is in Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Pisces.

VENUS Mahadasa – 20 Years

1) Venus+Venus:(3-4-0 months):
This is the longest period in life when placed in sings other than Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Venus does give better results. A general easiness will prevail in life conditions, increase in finances, fame, birth of male child.

2) Venus+Sun:(1-0-0 year):
This is not so much a favourable period. General anxiety, troubles in family, quarrel, damage to property and wealth.

3) Venus+Moon:(1-8-0 Months):
Gain through ladies, expansion of mental activity, vehicles, success in undertakings, intense devotion to God, nervous troubles due to excess sexual pleasure and trouble through ladies.

4) Venus+Mars:(1-2-0 months):
Increase of family holdings, marriage, wealth through ladies, materialistic outlook, disease of eye or bile.

5) Venus+Rahu:(3-0-0 years):
Change of place of living, getting property by lottery or race or by unexpected ways, silent prayers, name and fame.

6) Venus+Jupiter:(2-8-0 months):
Help from persons in rank, patronage from wife and children. Royal honour and wealth. When Jupiter is in 6,8,12 or a maraka–unnessary travels, failure, general disgust in life.

7) Venus+Saturn:(3-2-0 months):
Disease due to evil habits, bad company, loss of health and money.

8) Venus+Mercury:(2-10-0 months):
Marriage, success in litigation, increase in financial standard, children giving mental satisfaction, ailments in the body.

9) Venus+Ketu:(1-2-0 months):
Pilgrimage, Worship, visiting saints, good education to children, danger from animals, weakness of body, anxiety but the end will be in happiness.

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